Review: Xipster Animation Software

Xipster FullStop is a program dedicated to producing stop motion animation with ease. Simply use your webcam or digital camera to upload a photo of your character, and let the fun begin! The software will allow you to create a fully animated stop motion masterpiece in a matter of minutes.

It is designed for the average-Joe who has little or no knowledge of the stop motion animation process, which makes it perfect for beginners. FullStop contains a music and sound effects library, and will also allow you to add your own voice or music files to your project.

Once you have created a film, you can export it in QuickTime format. This will allow you to send your work to family and friends through email or add pizzazz to your website! Xipster software has developed such a following that the company website has created galleries where users frequently visit to upload their creations!

They will soon expand on this idea by allowing the most dedicated animators to become XAP’s, or members of Xipster’s affiliate program. These artists can create characters which are then made available for others to purchase and use in their own Xipster films.

If you have several different stop motion films in progress with Xipster, you can combine them into one larger project. This is especially helpful for someone who doesn’t have the time to produce a complete film, but loves to work on individual scenes.
The FullStop program sells for a very reasonable $29.95, and comes with a test drive in case you would like to preview the program before making a purchase.

For those who would like to venture into other forms of animation, Xipster FreeStyle could be for you. It includes pre-animated characters that can be customized by uploading personal photos. Your new creations will then animate themselves around a variety of props and backgrounds to create a mini-film.

Audio can be imported from pre-recorded or MP3 tracks and combined with sound and music effects made available through the software. When you are finished with your project, the files can be exported and shared with others in a wide variety of formats.

The Xipster FreeStyle program has many different plug-ins that enable animators to add to their creative options. XipPacks feature new characters, props, backgrounds and music to expand the scope of your project. The core FreeStyle program costs $39.95 and offers a free test-drive preview, if you wish to review the software before making a purchase. FreeStyle is also available with several XipPax add-on programs which increase the final cost by anywhere from $9.95 to $130.00.

For the animator on-the-go, Xipster is a fun and unique way to experiment with the possibilities that can be achieved through stop motion animation. For less than thirty dollars, it is a beginning animator’s best bet.