Free Stop Motion Animation Software

MonkeyJam and Anasazi are full-version freeware editing systems designed to capture your frames and create a polished, professional animated film. Both programs allow you to import existing visual files or capture your frames live by using cables that connect your webcam or digital camera to the computer.

They offer indispensable tools such as onionskinning, which allows you to superimpose previously shot frames onto each other to make sure that you have created a smooth and logical flow of animated movement for your characters. Both programs also feature framegrabbing technology, which allows you to extract problematic or inconsistent frames in your film. They also both offer frame flipping and frame averaging (which improves picture quality by reducing grain or other visual problems in your frames).

Anasazi enables you to assign various tasks to certain keys on your keyboard, otherwise known as a “hot key” feature. Both systems allow you to import audio and add special effects to films, and export your cuts into various file formats.

If you wish to retouch your frames or add some visual effects, there is no better program to use than The Gimp. Yes, it is a horrible sounding name, but this photo editing software could give Adobe Photoshop a run for its money. It works with a similar user interface, and has most of the same features that would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars. Thankfully, The Gimp is free, and compatible with many animation software programs that are not. You can find it at .

There are wonderful audio programs to be had, as well! If you visit, you can download Audacity for