A Beginner’s Guide to Stop Motion Animation (On a Shoestring Budget)

Stop motion films are making a comeback. With the long and successful run of digitally animated productions, artists who subscribed to the old-school methods of animations were having a difficult time coming to terms with the dwindling popularity of Claymation and stop motion films.

Now that their films are being recognized, most notably the Academy Award-winning, “Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”, stop motion animation has returned to the forefront of people’s minds and hearts.

Review: Xipster Animation Software

Xipster FullStop is a program dedicated to producing stop motion animation with ease. Simply use your webcam or digital camera to upload a photo of your character, and let the fun begin! The software will allow you to create a fully animated stop motion masterpiece in a matter of minutes.

It is designed for the average-Joe who has little or no knowledge of the stop motion animation process, which makes it perfect for beginners. FullStop contains a music and sound effects library, and will also allow you to add your own voice or music files to your project.

The Secrets to Making your Character Walk

Some animators are devoted to the practice of bolting the feet of their armatures to the floor of their set, a process referred to as “tying-down”. While this works well for large or cumbersome armatures, it requires a lot of work and will leave holes in any areas where the feet were previously bolted down.

There are secrets to moving you characters around without having to bolt them to the floor. Not only will they take less time, but you will find it easier to manipulate the movements of your armature.

2Animate!- Kid Friendly Animation Software

Not only has animation become a part of many a school art curriculum, but summer camps across the country are beginning to incorporate Claymation and stop motion production into their planned activities. While it is a wonderful and worthwhile hobby to introduce your child to, there are not many animation software programs designed specifically for children who have little technical knowledge of the editing process.