Month: August 2008

When your Character Needs a Good Cry

Hair gel is a wonderfully realistic tool that can be used not only to achieve the formation of a tear, but follow its path down the face of your figure. Choose a product that offers maximum stiffness and look for either a clear or blue-tinted color. If you like, you can even experiment with food coloring or paint in order to add a more dramatic depth of color to your tear. You can use a Q-tip or toothpick to add the gel to the inside corner of the eye in increments that you are comfortable with.

When Lightning Strikes: Storm Effects

Lightning can be created by using a black light and a high-wattage halogen lamp. If you do not own a black light, you can typically find one in a craft or party store. Many grocery stores also carry actual black light bulbs that can then be screwed onto an existing lamp in your home. The halogen bulb should be about 500 watts, much like the brightness of a torchiere lamp at full blast. Be mindful of the fact that 500 watts can become extremely h